Coming Soon: Online Classes with Katie! 


Do you have a young writer in your family?

I believe that every child has a writer in them because every child has stories in them.

Kids today are on their screens more than ever. Between games and shows, virtual school, and online classes, they often sit in front of a screen for hours every day. The last thing I want to do in my upcoming online writing classes is to add to that sedentary screentime. 

What will be different about our classes? 

Connection, interaction, and movement 

I am currently going through my yoga teacher training in order to become a children’s yoga teacher. 

….why take yoga teacher training as a writing teacher, you ask? 

Because kids need to MOVE. 

Kids need movement and interaction in their academics, especially nowadays when they are often so sedentary. Yoga, too, is so much more than simply movement, too. It is a lifestyle in which we learn mindfulness and so much more. 

Kids need connection with their peers and teachers, too.

In my classes, we will combine physical movement, largely through yoga and yoga stories.

Kids will be highly involved in their classes and together we will create a tight-knit class community. I believe that human connection can absolutely happen online, and I intend to foster a real community with my students. 

But… will they write? 

Yes! Yes, they will write. 

I believe they will write more freely when we incorporate connection, interaction, and movement into their writing practice because both their bodies and their minds will be engaged.

Movement begets creative momentum. Interaction builds motivation, self-esteem, and agency. And connection is encouraging and allows for freedom of expression. These three elements combined will spur on kids’ writing, both in class and out. 

So, when are these classes happening? 

I am still developing and designing my class offerings – and I need your help! 

Click here to contribute to a survey that will help me better understand how to meet your children’s needs.

Thank you, friends!

Stay tuned for updates about our class offerings, and I’ll see you around! 


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